Employee Obligations

Privacy is Everybody's Business

Whilst we will take all reasonable steps to protect your and our resident's data - we can't do it alone. We need your help to protect our residents and ourselves.

The purpose of this page (this Policy) is to provide an overarching privacy framework for Columbia Aged Care, its employees, contractors and agents, and to deal with Personal Information in a way that adheres to the requirements of the Privacy Laws.

This Policy applies to all employees and contractors of Columbia Aged Care. All employees and contractors must review and familiarise themselves with the policies and guidelines on this website and act in accordance with them. 

Columbia Aged Care's Obligations

Below is a summary of our obligations under the Privacy Laws: 

Non-Compliance with this Policy

Non-compliance with the Privacy Policies places Columbia Aged Care at serious risk of legal liability and reputational damage. All employees and contractors of Columbia Aged Care, including any subsidiaries or associated companies must ensure they adhere to the procedures set out on this website, on the staff portal and in any related documents such as your employment contract and our Code of Conduct.

Any incidents of non-compliance with the Privacy Policies should be reported to the Facility Manager and privacy@cnh.com.au immediately. 

Incidents of wilful non-compliance with this Policy are considered to be serious and will be dealt with in accordance with Columbia Aged Care’s normal performance management process, which may include dismissal.

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