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The is page provides information to supplement the 'For Everyone' section of this website. It is intended to provide additional detail relevant to your circumstance.

What Personal Information Do We Collect?

We only collect Personal, Health, Credit, Sensitive and Employee Information that is reasonably necessary for us to provide you with the services you have requested. 

This may include:

(collectively referred herein as Personal Information).

How is your Personal Information Collected?

From You

We will, if reasonable and practicable to do so, collect your Personal Information directly from you

This may take place face-to-face, by giving us access to your systems, through the completion of documents such as administrative forms or electronic forms, by way of emails, telephone calls, surveys, through the websites, or through the use of apps on mobile devices.

From Others Involved in Your Care

In most instances, we will be provided personal information from your General Practitioner (GP). We may also receive or access information from Hospitals, MyAgedCare, MyHealth Record or other health professionals involved in your care. In this instance we will endeavour to verify such details with the person concerned.

From Third Parties

In certain circumstances we may collect Personal Information:

When collecting Personal Information about you from another individual or organisation, we will endeavour to only collect and hold that information if it was lawfully collected, and when the collector’s disclosure of that information to us is integral to one of our functions. 

Where possible, we will endeavour to obtain your consent to collect your Personal Information, where it is disclosed to us by another individual or organisation

From Publicly Available Sources

We also collect Personal Information and Company Information from publicly available websites, directories and databases including, but not limited to Google, Twitter and other social media.

Where are your records stored?

Resident information is stored with our authorised vendors

Primarily (but not limited to):

Please refer to Storage and Protection for full details

The storage of Personal Information through these providers is subject to the Privacy Policies of these entities. 

Do you have to provide us with Personal Information?

The collection of this Personal Information is required to enable us to provide the services to you. Individuals do not have to supply us with their Personal Information, however, if the individual chooses not to do so, we may be unable to provide the services required or sought.

Please discuss with us any concerns or special requirements and we will be happy to try and find a way to make it work for both of us. 

How long do we store your Personal Information?

Generally, we retain information you provide to us and which we collect about you, including Personal Information and Personal Data, for so long as we continue to provide services to you and/or specifically until such time as you request us to delete your Personal Information and Personal Data

However, where information held by Columbia Aged Care is no longer required to be held, and the retention is not required by law, we may destroy such personal information by secure means.

Please contact us immediately if you become aware or have reason to believe there has been any unauthorised use of your Personal Information. 

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