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The is page provides information to supplement the 'For Everyone' section of this website. It is intended to provide additional detail relevant to your circumstance.

What personal information do we collect?

We only collect Personal, Credit, Sensitive, Health and Employee Information that is reasonably necessary to facilitate the employment relationship. 

This may include:

(collectively referred herein as Personal Information). 

How is your Personal Information Collected?

We collect your Personal Information directly from you, for example when you:

Did you know employee records are exempt from the Privacy Act?

The handling of your employee records by a private sector employer is exempt from the Privacy Act if it is directly related to your current or former employment relationship. 

But don't worry! We don't believe your information should be handled any differently. Therefore, Columbia Aged Care will provide you with the same rights as our residents (although we still need to have regard to our legal obligations).

This includes:

Where are your records stored?

Employee records are stored with our authorised vendors:

The storage of Personal Information through these providers is subject to the Privacy Policies of these entities. 

Do we disclose your personal information to third parties?

We will only disclose employee records to a third party in limited circumstances, for example:

What about references?

We will only provide a reference by mutual agreement with you.

Our leadership team will consider what information is appropriate to provide in a reference and keep our comments focused on the employment relationship to avoid any possible privacy issues. 

Information we consider appropriate may include information about your attendance, skills, performance, conduct, type of employment and length of employment

We will not disclose private information about a current or former employee (for example, your medical history).

How long do we store your Personal Information?

We retain information you provide to us and which we collect about you, including Personal Information and Personal Data, for so long as you continue to be an employee and specifically until such time as you request us to delete your Personal Information and Personal Data. We will consider all requests, having regard to our legal obligations. 

Please contact us immediately if you become aware or have reason to believe there has been any unauthorised use of your Personal Information. 

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